Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Grandpa - Freestyle Football

Sean Garnier as Grandpa - Freestyle Football

I found this video on Facebook enjoy :) Sean Garnier dresses up as an old man look at his skills : )


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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Save 95% on your iPad 4 or iPhone 5?

How to Save 95% on an iPad 4 or iPhone 5?

Are you looking to get a great deal on your iPad4 or iPhone 5 the read this article :)

You've probably noticed a new phenomenon spreading like wildfire across Europe and North America: auction sites selling warehouse clearouts & overstocked products for huge discounts.
In blogs all over the net, you can read the stories of happy winners who won fabulous, very expensive items - usually for a fraction of their normal price. We weren't 100% sure that these amazing deals were real, so we decided to test them out. And what better reason to ensure that the test worked, by buying something that we really wanted.
I wanted to buy a new Apple iPad 4, so I was responsible for the test.
I started doing a ton of research on the subject to determine which of these sites was the most reliable, and therefore more suitable for my test. After hours of research, I came to the conclusion that, because of its wide range of products and excellent reputation - MadBid was the site for testing.
To use these sites, you buy credits to bid against other users in online auctions. Then if you win - you enjoy a MASSIVE discount on the price of the item.
MadBid are so confident they can prove to users that it works that they were offering a limited-time promotion for new customers. They'll give you free credits - double whatever you buy on your first purchase! This was ideal for a first time buyer like me, and I now had the credits needed to test the site in detail.
What can you buy at auction?
I saw everything from cars to phones to computers, laptops, TVs, cameras, stereo equipment and pretty much everything you could look for.
Madbid passes the test!
After a simple registration, I received my free credits from MadBid. I was now ready to try and win one of the items up for auction. Before I joined, I wasn't too sure how the site worked, but all became clear once I created my account.
I started with a bid on the item I'd wanted for so long... a brand, spanking new iPad. After a relatively short auction, and much to my surprise... I won!
For only £28.22 in total I got an iPad worth £499!
To make sure it was no fluke, I decided to try and win something else. Much more to my surprise, I won again! This time, the savings were even more startling. In the end, I paid only £79.22 for a MacBook Pro worth £2,000. Very impressive! There's no way that you can find savings like this anywhere else!
Delivery - Having won and paid for the items, I received them a few days later. It was just awesome, from start to finish.
In the end, I was completely satisfied with my experience.
Thanks to Megabargain24 for this great article go get your discount today. Click on the link below to read the complete article:

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

What 9 Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Done Differently

I found this great article on great tips from successful entrepreneurs enjoy :)

Image credit: dingler1109 | Flickr

Entrepreneur and CultureIQ are searching for the top high-performing cultures to be featured on our annual list. Think your company has what it takes? Click here to get started.
In 2004, many of us had the opportunity to become shareholders in Google for the very first time. Most of us passed on that offer. Had we decided to invest, by cashing out today, we would make more than $5 for every dollar we put in. To me, that’s a regret.
And it's not my only one: We’ve all made decisions (or failed to make decisions) we wish we could take back. Even the most successful entrepreneurs are no different. I asked nine founders about their biggest regrets in business. And I learned a lot from what they shared. I hope you do, too:

1. Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg

Regret: Not looking for problems.
“Most of my early failures were a result of building things people didn't want. What I would have done differently is to find the right problem to solve for customers before writing a single line of code. It would have saved me a countless amount of time and resources.” -- Hiten Shah

2. David Hauser, Grasshopper

Regret: Not investing in culture.
"I wish I had focused more time, thought and money into the company culture from day one. I have since discovered this to be the most important factor in the success of scaling any business. Core values, core purpose and integrating these into everything will give the largest returns you will ever see as a founder.” -- David Hauser

3. Noah Kagan, AppSumo

Regret: Not connecting with a mentor.
“I would have gotten a mentor who's done the things I wanted to accomplish in the future. Why not learn from someone who's already done the things you want to do? People will read this and still not do anything. Instead, send one email to the person you respect in business the most, asking for a chat. You'll be surprised how much it energizes you and helps you succeed.” -- Noah Kagan

Thanks to Entrepreneur for this great article you can read the complete article below:


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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Are you looking for your lifes Purpose?

How to Read the 3 Signs Telling You Your Purpose in Life

Image credit: shrdnar | Flickr

I have found a great article that can help you find your life's purpose a great read enjoy : )
There are no billboards or flashing neon that light the way toward finding your calling or purpose.
Very few people instinctively know what they want to do with their life.
For many years I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted that to be or look like. I know that's the case for many individuals who don't want to work for someone else.
In his latest book, The Art of Work, bestselling author and blogger, Jeff Goins offers some unconventional advice to help you abandon the status quo and kick start a life work that's packed with passion and purpose.
In an interview with Goins, he shared three actionable tactics that anyone can use to identify their calling.

1. Listen to your life.

According to Goins, the best place to begin charting your future is by taking a look at your past. 
"One of my favorite quotes is from Parker Palmer when he says, 'Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I need to listen to my life to tell me who I am," said Goins.
The elevator speech for this tactic is being more self aware about what you've accomplished or not accomplished in the past. The intent is to look for a unifying thread or pattern that's consistent throughout your past experience that's also consistent with your passion and skills.
That unifying pattern or thread should energize you once you recognize it. Goins says this retrospection will also identify those activities in the past that you should avoid as you move forward because they drained you or amplified weaknesses.
"I don't believe your past necessarily dictates your future but it should inform it," said Goins.

2. Accidental apprenticeships.

The reality is that nobody achieves success or realizes their life purpose by themselves. It's a process that requires and demands a team of mentors providing guidance.
According to Goins, that kind of help is all around us -- we just don't always see it.
"Every story of success is a story of community. Some people will help you willingly, while others may contribute to your education on accident. If you are wise, you can use it all," said Goins. "Even though each of us has a unique journey, it's full of teachers who can help along the way. Your job is not to seek them out necessarily, but to recognize them when they appear, because oftentimes they're closer than you think."
Thanks to Entrepreneur for this great article the complete article can be found by clicking on the link below:


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Monday, 22 June 2015

Ways To Change Your Eating Habits Big Time

29 Small Ways To Change Your Eating Habits Big Time

Are you looking for great easy ways to eat more healthy then read this great article from BuzzFeed.

Enough with the crash diets and cleanses already. These ridiculously easy lifestyle changes will help you feel much healthier and happier for the long haul.

Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed

With all the contradicting information out there, creating and sticking to healthy eating habits can be extremely hard.

To make it easier, BuzzFeed Life spoke with Jessica Jones, M.S., R.D., co-host ofFood Heaven Made Easy, and Danielle Omar, M.S., R.D., creator of Food Confidence, and came up with 29 simple ways you can improve your eating habits and be healthier in your everyday life.

1. Add frozen veggies to everything!

Rena-marie / Via Getty Images

“Frozen is a great choice when it comes to vegetables, as they are frozen at the peak of freshness,” Jones says. “I tell my patients to keep some veggies in the freezer and try to find ways to add them into everyday meals. For example, last night I sautéed broccoli and spinach and added it to my homemade pizza.”

Jones suggests adding in one cup of frozen veggies to your usual pastas, stir-fries, and omelets for a nutritional boost. Thanks to BuzzFeed for this great article on easy ways to eat healthy you can find the complete article below:


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Friday, 19 June 2015

Buy to Let Boom is Back in the UK

The impending buy-to-let boom is bad news for Britain

Is the Housing Boom back in the UK? Here is a great article to read thanks from The Guardian.

With a pension-funded buy-to-let boom expected, younger and poorer people could find a property of their own even more of a pipe dream

Many freed-up pensions funds are expected to be invested in buy-to-let properties. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA
Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. For young people already struggling to reach the bottom rung of the housing ladder, it looks to be pulled up even further.
From 6 April, over-55s will be free to cash in their pension funds, with many expected to invest in buy-to-let properties, unleashing a new wave of wealthy older people into the housing market.
Low interest rates have meant that people are making little money from their savings while those with money in property have seen far larger returns. There is even the option for “crowdfunded” buy-to-let, with a host of micro-investment companies offering the chance to invest in property for as little as £500.
More investors will surely increase demand, which will inflate prices and spell disaster for Generation Rent. Many young people are already marooned in unaffordable rented accommodation with few tenancy rights, or living with family. Increasingly, home ownership appears a mirage.

Thanks to The Guardian for this great article on the housing Boom you can read the complete article below :)


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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cute corgi puppies want to eat camera - So Cute

Corgi puppies want to eat camera

Do you want to cheer up your day then watch this video of cute puppies of Welsh Corgi.

You owe this to yourself. Did we mention the slow-motion puppy pounces?

Thanks to Buzz feed for this cute video :)



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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cool Stuff Hub: Funny Robot Tries to Give Dog a Snack

Cool Stuff Hub: Funny Robot Tries to Give Dog a Snack: Cutting Edge Robot Tries to Give Dog a Snack, Doesn't Exactly Succeed I found this funny article with a Robot and a dog would you pa...

Funny Robot Tries to Give Dog a Snack

Cutting Edge Robot Tries to Give Dog a Snack, Doesn't Exactly Succeed

I found this funny article with a Robot and a dog would you pay $8000 for this robot?

Expensive robot is no match for a hungry dog and a dropped Pop Tart

  • Cutting edge technology meets man's best friend in this video. NAO, a "daily companion" robot built by Aldebaran Robots that retails for a cool $8,000, has a special interaction with a dog and a pop tart. We won't spoil anything by saying that this does not end well for poor NAO. But what is it that keeps this robotic helper from fulfilling its true potential? The dog? The Pop Tart? The inherent dangers of bipedal movement? You'll just have to click to find out.
    (Spoiler: it's all three!)
  • Thanks to whats trending for this funny article you can see the article clicking on the below link:

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Trump announces presidential bid

The Donald declares: Trump announces presidential bid

I found this very interesting so I wanted to share thanks to RT :)

Real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump announced he is running for president in 2016. He is also about to disclose his net worth, estimated at $9 billion. Opinion polls, however, indicate he is the most unpopular candidate of all.
Sources close to Trump’s campaign, who talked to the media on condition of anonymity, say that he will publish the financial disclosures on Tuesday, after the political rally at New York’s Trump Tower that began at 11 am local time. The two-page document will show a valuation of Trump’s hotels and other properties, and show an outline of his debts as well as cash on hand.
The rumored figure of $9 billion in assets is more than twice the $4.1 billion estimate of Trump’s net worth by Forbes magazine. Either way, he would be the wealthiest Republican candidate.
Though Trump has fueled speculation about running in 2012, he never entered the race. The financial disclosure indicates that this time he’s serious. In addition to hiring staffers in early primary states such as New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, Trump has notified NBC that he won’t be renewing his contract for the popular reality show, “The Apprentice.”
Under a 1978 federal law, presidential candidates have to file a personal financial disclosure with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) within 30 days of announcing their candidacy, though they can request two extensions of 45 days each. The disclosure has to contain their personal income and financial interests, as well as those of their spouses and dependent children.
Thanks to RT for this interesting news you can read the complete article below:


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Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan in Canada

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan Singing His Song At A Mall In Canada

I found this great article on the Huffington post enjoy :)

Ed Sheeran surprised a fan who was singing his hit 'Thinking Out Loud' by joining her for a duet in a mall in Edmonton, Canada.
Sydney Bourbeau was performing as part of a fundraiser for Edmonton Humane Society when the singer hopped on stage with her to finish her song.
The 13-year-old remained cool, calm and collected when Sheeran appeared. She told the Edmonton Journal: "I didn't want to stop, but I wanted to talk to him. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Thanks to the Huffinton Post for this great Artilce :)


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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hope you’re having fun in doggie heaven

A Postal Worker Did The Sweetest Thing For A Boy Who Addressed A Letter To “Doggie Heaven”

I found this great article that can cheer up your day enjoy :)

“The kindness of this stranger gutted me,” his mom wrote.

After Virginia residents Mary and Roberto Westbrook lost their 13-year-old beagle, Moe, in April, their 3½-year-old son, Luke, kept asking what happened to him.

So every night, Mary would write down a letter for Luke of all the things he wanted to tell Moe. They would usually address it to “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.”

The notes would say things like, “I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in doggie heaven,” the Virginian-Pilot reported.

“Then, because you can’t fool a three-year-old, we take the letter to our mailbox,” Mary wrote in an essay for Distinction.

After Luke went to sleep every night, Mary would walk out to the mailbox and take the note out. But one recent night, she forgot.

“I assumed the post office would throw it away — or that someone might even laugh at it, or us,” she wrote.

But the next morning, there was an unstamped letter in her mailbox, addressed to Luke from Moe:

“I’m in Doggie Heaven. I play all day. I am happy. Thank you 4 being my friend. I wuv you Luke,” read the note, written on USPS paper.
Adorably, Luke was apparently unsurprised to hear from his late furry friend.
Thanks to Buzz Feed for this great article you can read the complete post by clicking on the link below.
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Friday, 12 June 2015

Cover Up A Rubbish Pokémon Tattoo

A Tattoo Artist Found The Most Genius Way To Cover Up A Rubbish Pokémon Tattoo

I love Pokémon and this a great story enjoy the post you will love it :)

A guy went to his local tattoo shop to get a regrettable Pokémon tattoo fixed and the results are better than any fully thought-out tattoo ever could have been.

The cover up was created by Northampton, Massachusetts-based tattoo artist Lindsay Baker.
“It was his first tattoo and apparently the girl who did it had been drinking,” Baker told BuzzFeed. “He’s had it for almost four years”.

“I have tattooed this particular client a few times and he showed me the tattoo. I got excited and suggested we tattoo Pikachu drawing himself and my client told me he had the same idea.”

“The whole tattoo took about two hours,” Baker said. “He was so excited with the finished product!”

Thanks to Buzzfeed for this great article, you can view complete article below:


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