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Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

What 9 Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Done Differently

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In 2004, many of us had the opportunity to become shareholders in Google for the very first time. Most of us passed on that offer. Had we decided to invest, by cashing out today, we would make more than $5 for every dollar we put in. To me, that’s a regret.
And it's not my only one: We’ve all made decisions (or failed to make decisions) we wish we could take back. Even the most successful entrepreneurs are no different. I asked nine founders about their biggest regrets in business. And I learned a lot from what they shared. I hope you do, too:

1. Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg

Regret: Not looking for problems.
“Most of my early failures were a result of building things people didn't want. What I would have done differently is to find the right problem to solve for customers before writing a single line of code. It would have saved me a countless amount of time and resources.” -- Hiten Shah

2. David Hauser, Grasshopper

Regret: Not investing in culture.
"I wish I had focused more time, thought and money into the company culture from day one. I have since discovered this to be the most important factor in the success of scaling any business. Core values, core purpose and integrating these into everything will give the largest returns you will ever see as a founder.” -- David Hauser

3. Noah Kagan, AppSumo

Regret: Not connecting with a mentor.
“I would have gotten a mentor who's done the things I wanted to accomplish in the future. Why not learn from someone who's already done the things you want to do? People will read this and still not do anything. Instead, send one email to the person you respect in business the most, asking for a chat. You'll be surprised how much it energizes you and helps you succeed.” -- Noah Kagan

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