Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Trump announces presidential bid

The Donald declares: Trump announces presidential bid

I found this very interesting so I wanted to share thanks to RT :)

Real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump announced he is running for president in 2016. He is also about to disclose his net worth, estimated at $9 billion. Opinion polls, however, indicate he is the most unpopular candidate of all.
Sources close to Trump’s campaign, who talked to the media on condition of anonymity, say that he will publish the financial disclosures on Tuesday, after the political rally at New York’s Trump Tower that began at 11 am local time. The two-page document will show a valuation of Trump’s hotels and other properties, and show an outline of his debts as well as cash on hand.
The rumored figure of $9 billion in assets is more than twice the $4.1 billion estimate of Trump’s net worth by Forbes magazine. Either way, he would be the wealthiest Republican candidate.
Though Trump has fueled speculation about running in 2012, he never entered the race. The financial disclosure indicates that this time he’s serious. In addition to hiring staffers in early primary states such as New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, Trump has notified NBC that he won’t be renewing his contract for the popular reality show, “The Apprentice.”
Under a 1978 federal law, presidential candidates have to file a personal financial disclosure with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) within 30 days of announcing their candidacy, though they can request two extensions of 45 days each. The disclosure has to contain their personal income and financial interests, as well as those of their spouses and dependent children.
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