Thursday, 30 July 2015

Disney Princes Are Magical

These Real-Life Illustrations Of Disney Princes Are Magical

Here are some great pictures thanks to Disney :)

When you wish upon a hunk…

Disney Princes are so dreamy, we kind of all wish they existed in real life, right?


Well lucky for us, artist Jirka Väätäinen has designed some truly breathtaking illustrations that bring your favorite Disney Princes to real life. When you see them, you’ll be feeling like Mulan here:


Prince Charming from Cinderella is transformed from a hand-drawn charmer…

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Hunter Who Killed Cecil The Lion

People Are Flooding This Dentist’s Facebook After He Was Named As The Hunter Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Here’s what the internet does when it thinks you killed a lion.

American dentist Walter Palmer was identified Tuesday by The Telegraph as the hunter who paid $50,000 to kill one of Africa’s most famous lions earlier this month.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shark survives attack by Australian surfer

Shark Simon Williams has spoken of his relief at surviving a potentially life-threatening  encounter with Australian surfer, Mick Fanning.

This is a funny story enjoy :)
Williams was minding his own business at Jeffreys Bay off the coast of South Africa, when a chance encounter with professional surfer and full-time Aussie Mick Fanning left him facing a series of potentially lethal blows.

He told us, “I was just swimming along thinking about stopping for something to eat when the next thing I know I’m being sucker-punched by this Aussie – right in the small of the back.”
“I was stunned, but thankfully after a couple of punches he left me alone and I could make good my escape.”
“Everyone knows Aussies are ridiculously dangerous creatures, but the oceans are massive so the chances of bumping into one out here are tiny – it’s not like it should stop us swimming near the coast.”
“I don’t really blame the Aussie himself, I mean it’s in their nature so I know he wasn’t necessarily being vindictive or needlessly lashing out – he just doesn’t know any better.”
“I just consider myself one of the lucky ones who lived to tell the tale.”
Williams went to say the media interest in the incident has left him something of a celebrity in shark circles.
“This one female asked how I got that big bruise on my back, and when I told her I was punched by an Aussie she just hung on every word before asking if she could touch it.”
“Thanks mate.”

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Travel Jacket Is Approaching $1 Million on Kickstarter

This All-in-One Travel Jacket Is Approaching $1 Million on Kickstarter

Now here is a COOL Jacket we all need one of these : )

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the road, whether for business or pleasure, knows that the key to zen travel is being organized. Having exactly what you need -- no more, no less -- makes running through airports, navigating public transportation and toting all of your belongings manageable. There is nothing worse than losing something important like your passport or phone charger when you are halfway across the globe.

That’s why a company called BauBax is basically killing it on Kickstarterwith a campaign for an innovative jacket that offers 15 built-in features for travelers. The Chicago-based product design firm had raised more than $894,000 from 5,500-plus backers as of midday today. That’s more than 44 times the $20,000 the company was hoping to raise.

Image credit: BAUBAX | Kickstarter
The travel jacket is available for both men and women as either a sweatshirt, blazer, windbreaker or bomber. The earliest campaign donors were able to snag items for anywhere from $89 to $119; new donors will pay between $109 and $129.

The jacket is impressive in that it looks like an ordinary jacket, but contains an impressive number of features. Our personal favorite is a built-in inflatable neck pillow and eye mask. Who wants to have a neck pillow attached to their suitcase as they are rolling to and from the airport? Not cool. The Koozie Drink Pocket is also pretty sweet. How many times have you hit that airplane fold-down table with your knee and sent your red wine spilling all over your pants or the lap of the person next to you? The worst.

Have a wee look at the video below to see more of the innovative features of this travel jacket.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

A Couple Who Have Been In Love Since The Fifth Grade

A Couple Who Have Been In Love Since The Fifth Grade Had The Most Amazing Proposal

We all like a good ending and here is one enjoy : ) Have a great weekend.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment since we were little kids.”

Sam Maccarone and Jessica Burzichelli met when they were 10 years old, and have loved each other ever since.

The New Jersey couple dated and went to dances together all through high school.

Matty Mac

“In the end, I just think both of us realized we were meant for each other,” Burzichelli told BuzzFeed News.

Matty Mac

The couple are now in their twenties and live in Hoboken, New Jersey. Last year, Maccarone decided he was ready to propose, but he wanted it to be outside of the box.

Matty Mac

Maccarone enlisted his musician cousin Matty Mac and his filmmaker friend Domenick Cucinotta to create a music video for his proposal so he and his wife-to-be could have a memory of the day to last forever.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Trippy Products You Need In Your Home

39 Impossibly Trippy Products You Need In Your Home

Are you looking for some fun cool products for your house then check this out :)

1. This fractal table lamp.

To complement your own fractal eye tricks. Get it here.

2. This moonlight pillow.

Get it here.

3. This sound-activated color-changing strobe light.

Get it here.

4. This full-on Bluetooth speaker disco ball.

Buy it here.
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Monday, 13 July 2015

23 Doggy Secrets

23 Secrets Doggy Day Care Employees Will Never Tell You

Are you looking for something to make you instantly
happy then look at these pictures enjoy : )

It’s more than just a “cute” job.

1. Working in a day care is pretty dope, but there’s nothing more belittling than someone calling your job “cute.”

carterse CC / Via Flickr: australianshepherds

2. To be honest, most of the job is actually cleaning up after the dogs.


3. And cleaning poop is hella stressful because someone’s always trying to eat it or roll in it.

Tony Alter CC / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

4. The most nightmarish part of the job is trying to get in and out of the gates without unleashing a mighty stampede.

NFL / Via

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel

New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Behind-the-Scenes Video 

I am looking forward to the new Star Wars Movie how about you?

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H were treated to a special look
 behind the scenes of Star Wars:The Force Awakens by director J.J.
 Abrams, producer and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and 
writer Lawrence Kasdan. The filmmakers were joined on stage by
 cast members Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac,
 Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and 
Harrison Ford to the surprise and delight of fans. 

At the end of the Hall H presentation, the entire Hall H audience of more
 than 6,000 fans were all invited to continue the celebration and join cast
 and filmmakers at a surprise Star Wars Fan Concert. The San Diego 
Symphony performed the classic Star Wars music from John Williams
 at the Embarcadero Marina Park South.

Stay connected with and the official Star Wars app.
 All Star Wars, All the Time, Anywhere. 

Download Star Wars for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters December 18th, 2015!

Thanks to Fans at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H for a special look
behind the scenes of Star Wars.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tips to Make Getting Up Early Work for You

6 Ways to Make Getting Up Early Work for You

I found this great article to get you doing more in the morning enjoy : )

Image credit: Shutterstock

To accomplish a big goal, such as launching a new business, writing a novel or starting an exercise regime, productivity experts will often suggest getting up early. You can get a lot done in a quiet house with no distractions or interruptions. While this is sound advice, it’s easier said than done.
“You might think getting up earlier is just a matter of discipline, but it actually takes much more than that,” says Julie Morgenstern, time management expert and author of Never Check Email in the Morning(Touchstone; 2005). “The truth is, your entire ecosystem has been built around sleeping later.”
When you try to change your morning routine, several obstacles will stand in your way. It’s possible to overcome them, however; the key is to start the night before. Morgenstern offers six strategies to make getting up early work for you:
1. Change your mindset. Many people fight going to sleep because they want to get more done – they have separation anxiety from the day. But Morgenstern teaches her clients to think differently.
“Consider sleep the beginning of the next day,” she says, adding that this mind shift can change the way you look at sleep and make it exciting. “Sleep becomes an active element; you’re charging up your battery.”
2. Adjust your bedtime. Many of us are already sleep deprived, and stealing another hour of sleep will just set you up for failure. The only way to be successful is to go to bed earlier. Determine how many hours of sleep your body requires and count backwards from there.
“Getting up earlier requires a fundamental shift in your neuro-pathways,” she says. “While the change makes total sense to you the day before, actually doing it the next morning is hard work and requires you to break a lot of patterns.”
3. Adjust other nighttime activities. You’ll also have to adjust the time you eat dinner as well as after-dinner decompression activities, such as reading, says Morgenstern.
“You’re not being realistic if you say you’ll get up early but then don’t build everything else into your day" accordingly, she says. Also, eat dinner no less than two to three hours before bed, which is optimal for being able to fall asleep and sleep well.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Wanted To Meet Taylor Swift Three Years Ago

Here is a great article I found that I wanted to share enjoy :)

It’s almost as though they were destined to be together.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are fast becoming showbiz’s most perfect couple.

In the past couple of months, they’ve taken boat rides together.

Do you want to see more?

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Monday, 6 July 2015

What is the Colour of your Company Logo

What the Colour of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic)

Here is a great article about colour branding enjoy :)

If you are building a company that depends on making people feel sexy and sophisticated, it’s probably going to confuse your consumers if you your logo is bright green.
That’s because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green conveys organic growth, the earth, nature, or feelings of caring. Meanwhile, black communicates feelings of sophistication, authority or seduction. Not convinced? Consider the green logo for Starbucks or Greenpeace and the black logos of Chanel or Sony.
Color isn’t the only design element that communicates with your customer about your brand. Font, spacing between letters and shape also tell your brand story in that instant when a first impression is formed.
Have a look at the infographic below, compiled by Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast, to get a sense of whether your logo is conveying the right message.
Click to Enlarge

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tips to Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

17 Tricks To Help You Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

I found this great article enjoy on how to stay healthy :)

One hour of food prep on Sunday = healthy eating so easy you don’t even think about it.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Excellent amazing news! You can eat healthy every day of the week without even really thinking about it, or trying that hard. It’s true.

The secret is to take some time on Sundays to prep a LOT of healthy food for the week. Then when you’re done, you’ll have so much good stuff stocked in your fridge and freezer that you’ll eat well all week without even trying, really.

BuzzFeed Life reached out to Abby Langer, RD, a registered dietitian and owner ofAbby Langer Nutrition. She heartily endorses this style of plan-ahead-to-be-lazy kind of healthy eating, and gave some suggestions that you might want to try out.
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