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Recovering After Pulling an All-Nighter

5 Steps for Recovering After Pulling an All-Nighter

Find ways how to recover fast from an all-nighter :)

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If you’ve been in business for yourself any length of time, or are in the process of getting your business off the ground, you know that entrepreneurship is both fulfilling and draining. The satisfaction that comes with running the show is tempered by the fact that, when it’s all on the line and the work has to be done, you’re responsible. And sometimes that means staying up until the next day breaks to meet a looming deadline.
Now that you know all-nighters aren’t just for college kids cramming for final exams, you also know that you can’t just crash after you’ve stayed up all night. So next time you pull an all-nighter, follow these steps to ensure that you’re fully recovered and alert they next day.

Load up on B vitamins

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When you’re up all night working, your body uses more of its B vitamins—including B12, one of your body’s key energy sources. So in addition to feeling exhausted the next day, the depletion of your B12 stores can lead to a variety of symptoms, including impaired cognitive function and an overall crappy mood. Get back on track by consuming B12-rich foodslike grass-fed beef or cottage cheese throughout the day, or by taking an all-natural, food based supplement.

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