Thursday, 7 January 2016

Glorious inflatable hoodie lets you nap wherever you damn please

Hoodie lets you nap wherever you damn please

Next to oil, gold and an HBO Go password, "napping" might be the world's most precious commodity. But it's become increasingly hard to sleep anywhere outside the confines of your bed.
A new inflatable hoodie hopes to change all that.
The Hypnos sweater, currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, looks like your standard store brand hoodie with a pretty predictable palette: black, white, grey. But inside the sweater's hood is an inflatable balloon that converts into a comfortable, flexible pillow. Just blow into the hood and — voila! — out comes your dream.



According to the sweater's website, Hypnos redefines "the hooded sweatshirt for sleep through an engineered, patent pending pillow system."
In human terms: "it's a sweatshirt that let's you sleep on the toilet."
No longer will you be forced lean against that subway door, or that office desk. Tired of waiting for your Starbucks drink to arrive? Totally bored with your totally boring date? Finally, a hoodie that let's you dream — and drool — in peace.


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