Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Spitfire Rap

The Spitfire

Hello there here is a great Rap done by my son Jayden Ingham enjoy :)

 thanks for the image

Yeah, I fly through sky with eeze
No problem for me, I’m prestige.
I shoot down planes, coz I’m boss,
Don’t shoot me, I’m sorry for yo’ loss!

You can’t see me; I’m da speed of light,
That’s why I win dogfights.
Yo think your better, missiles are nothin’,
Don’t even bother, to send me a letter.

I’m in the Royal Air Force, don’t come near,
Show yourselves your more scared then deer.
Come on, fight like a man,
Don’t act like getting destroyed by a can.

If you wanna learn me tactics,
Don’t just sit there in the attic.
I’m greatest plane ever made,
From evolution to UPGRADE!!

This rap was made for a spitfire, the idea cam from this great book: 

Rap by Jayden Ingham

Copyright © 2016


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