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9 Iconic Inventors Who Changed the World

Inventors Who Changed the World

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For an invention to leave a significant mark on history, its impact needs to be major. Understandably, this doesn’t happen very often. Which means when it does happen, we should celebrate it.
With that in mind, we wanted to highlight inventors who more than cleared the bar. The following nine individuals all created something powerful enough to change our habits, the way we think and, ultimately, the way we live.

1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ narrative is one of big failures and even greater redemptions. The Reed-college dropout started Apple Computer in his parents’ garage in Palo Alto, Calif. with engineering buddy Steve Wozniak in 1976. Their mission? Build a personal, portable computer that everyone could use. They achieved that with their second model of personal computer, the Apple IIc.
In 1980, Apple went public with a market value of $1.2 billion by the end of its first day of trading. However within five years, following a series of disappointing products and sales, Jobs was forced out of the company.
Undeterred, he started NeXT, a computer and software company. Around this time, he invested $5 million in Pixar, the animation arm of George Lucas’s film company. He continued to increase his investment, until he controlled the company. It proved a smart decision: Pixar went on to develop multiple smash hit franchises, including Toy StoryFinding Nemo and The Incredibles.
Job’s stock was looking up and continued to rise. In 1996, NeXT was purchased by Apple and the following year, Jobs was asked to return to the beleaguered Apple and acts as its interim CEO -- a position he held until shortly before his death in 2011.
During his tenure as chief executive, Jobs broadened the scope of Apple’s products, transforming the company to one of the most successful companies in the world valued at upwards of $300 billion, thanks to the success of the iPhone and iPad.
2. Mark Zuckerberg
Image credit: Shutterstock
At age 31, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world’s youngest billionaires worthmore than $46 billion. As the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, he also helms the world’s most popular and influential social media site that, as of January, had more than 1.5 billion active monthly users.
Zuckerberg developed the social networking site with friends while an undergrad at Harvard, ultimately dropping out his sophomore year to focus on Facebook full-time. He opened an office in Palo Alto, Calif., where he raised $12.7 million in venture capital.
Since then, Zuckerberg has aggressively grown the company, which went public in 2012. Not only has he developed a robust advertising and sales arm, but he has rigorously built out Facebook’s capabilities and user bandwidth by enabling native video services and live streaming. Zuckerberg also spearheaded a number of acquisitions, includingInstagramOculus VR and a Snapchat-like app called Masquerade.  
The young mogul, who recently became a father, has also grown into an outspoken philanthropist. Through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Zuckerberg and his wife have donated hundreds of millions of dollars toward health and education initiatives.

3. Elon Musk

Image credit: Shutterstock
Elon Musk has been referred to as “the Henry Ford of rockets.” The South African-born tech entrepreneur is mythologized for a lot of things -- among them, serving as the inspiration for tech industrialist Tony Stark’s character in the Iron Man film franchise -- but he’s probably best known for his attempt to conquer private space travel with SpaceX.
Musk founded the aerospace company in 2002 in order “to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets,” according to the company website.
SpaceX is planning to launch its newest rocket -- named the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world with reusable launchers -- in November 2016.
Most people would be too busy running SpaceX to focus on other projects. But Musk isn’t your typical dude. In addition to SpaceX, the entrepreneur serves as chief executive of Tesla Motor Co., an electric car company, is chairman and co-founder of SolarCity and is working to build a high-speed “Hyperloop” transportation system, which -- in theory -- could revolutionize travel by cutting commute time from Los Angeles to San Francisco to 30 minutes.
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5 Life Hacks Everybody Can Benefit From

Hacks Everybody Can Benefit From

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On the night of the dress rehearsal, the old violinist was the only one there, ready and on time. The orchestra conductor said, "I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here." The old man replied, "Well, I thought it was the least I could do seeing I can't be here for the concert."
In a similar sense, almost everyone wants to be more successful on and off the job. But if they're really honest, they also want to know the least they can do to be more successful. 
Well, there are five little behavioral changes you can make so you can become wildly successful. 
Here they are.

1.  Change from chance to choice.

The losers in life just wait around to see what is going to happen. They don’t really do anything to make it happen; they just take their chances
By contrast, a champion is very clear about what personal and professional success means to him. And then he chooses actions that will make his definition come true.
So ask yourself, "Have you figured out your own definition of success? Could you stand up, right now, in the midst of a staff meeting, and give a five-minute talk on your definition of success? Do you know exactly what you would say?"
Most people couldn't give such a talk because they've never given much thought to their definition of success. So it's no wonder their careers aren't going anywhere, or their relationships are less than satisfactory, or they end up broke when they're retired.
Clarify your definition and then choose success-producing behaviors. If, for example, your definition of success includes the development of an exciting, close marital or family relationship, then 12-hour work days are out. If your definition of success includes a long healthy life, you’ve got to stop smoking, exercise regularly, eat in moderation, and get adequate rest.

2.  Change from convenience to conviction.

One of my audience members illustrated the difference. Even though he was a successful insurance salesman, Tom said he always wanted to be a doctor in a third-world country. But the sales profession promised him a great deal more money, in much quicker fashion, than pursuing a medical career overseas.
So he'd been selling insurance for 30 years … because it was the convenient thing to do. It’s what his Dad had done, and going into the business didn’t take a lot of thought or conviction.  
Tom admitted that he dragged himself out of bed, five days a week, for 30 years, to do something he didn't care that much about. If he had done what he really wanted to do, if he had become a doctor, he may have made less money, but he almost certainly would have been a happier and more successful human being.
What about you?  Have you chosen a career path based on convenience or conviction?  Have you chosen work you really enjoy and truly believe in?

3.  Change from education to empowerment

No matter how many skills you have, you'll always lack some skills. Unfortunately, the losers excuse or justify their lack of skills. They say such things as: "That's just the way I am," or "I could never do such-and-such.” 
Or just as pathetic, the losers wait for someone else to give them the skills and education they need. They say, “It’s my company’s job to give me the training I need. It’s not my responsibility.” Try saying that in your next job interview and see how far you get. Nowhere.  
On the other hand, champions take responsibility for their lives and their careers. They go after the skills they need. Not only for the sake of continuing education but for the ultimate goal of self-empowerment, so they go from one level of success to the next.   
Does that describe you? If so, there should be some evidence of continuing education and self-empowerment in your life. Perhaps you read a chapter a day in a book that will keep you abreast of the latest changes in your field. And perhaps you listen to a motivational recording as you drive to work, picking up the information and inspiration to become a more effective human being overall.

4.  Change from wisecracks to wisdom

Everybody has opinions. But the champions in life carefully choose who they will listen to. After all, the reason a lot of people never get ahead is they keep on paying attention to the opinions of the ignorant. 
Your brother, for example, may be a wonderful man, a good husband and father, and a great gardener. But that narrows the range of his valid opinions to marriage, parenting, and gardening. Not business growth, team building, or leadership development.
You see, people are quick to dispense advice on any subject, regardless of their qualifications to do so. It makes them feel important. They rarely give any thought to their qualifications. They just spout out their opinions. That's why champions must carefully choose who they listen to. 
As an author and professional speaker, I help my clients create strategies that will make them more positive and productive. But then those same clients are assaulted by an ignorant coworker who says, "That will never work.”
Unfortunately, none of those opinion givers has any expertise in personal and professional development. None of them has spent the 30 years of time and research on the topic as I have. That’s why I tell my audiences that people have a constitutional right to their ignorant opinions, but you have an entrepreneurial responsibility to ignore them.

5.  Change from patience to persistence.

Now that may sound like the same thing -- patience and persistence -- but there’s a huge difference. 
The losers in life, the people who just get by, may have admirable patience, but that may be all they have.  And passive patience, in and of itself, seldom brings victory.
Champions, however, practice active persistence. They keep on doing something until victory is achieved. 
To beef up your persistence, start by believing in the power of persistence. Great people invariably swear by it. They know that more often than not it pays off, and it pays big time.
Soichiro Honda, the founder of the Honda Motor Corporation affirmed that. He said, "Success is 99 percent failure." In other words, success will come if you just keep on keeping on, no matter how many setbacks or failures you encounter.
And Albert Einstein, who is always praised for his brilliance, said, "It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer."
Getting ahead, winning, succeeding, being a peak performer, reaching the top, whatever you want to call it, is NOT a mystery.  All the evidence indicates that it is possible -- even probable -- if you make these five little behavioral turns.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Janitor Enters The School Gym To Clean Up A Spill. But What He Finds Instead? He Can’t Stop Crying…

Janitor Enters The School Gym To Clean Up A Spill.

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In our education system there are people who rarely get credit for awesome jobs they do, people without whom schools would be a lot more different. Today, a Nashville elementary school celebrates one such person.
Their school custodian became more than a person who keeps the school clean. The kids grow up with him and in many ways they are like his children, so when the time came to show their gratitude, they did it in a way that will make you tear up. The principal asked him to come clean up the big spill in the gym, but when he got there…. SURPRISE!

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

What Is The Law Of Attraction? Open Your Eyes To A World Of Endless Possibilities

The Law Of Attraction? Open Your Eyes To A World Of Endless Possibilities

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Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe – one of which being the Law of Attraction.

 It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts, and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.
This is why the universe is such an infinitely beautiful place, as the Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

Learn How To Use The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries and very few people are fully aware of how much of an impact the Law of Attraction has on their day to day life. Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have put out.
Unfortunately, with so many of us still blind to the potential that is locked deep within us, it is all too easy to leave your thoughts and emotions unchecked – sending out the wrong thoughts and attracting more unwanted emotions and events into your life. Having said this, discovering that the Law of Attraction is at work within your life should be a great cause for celebration! Once the power of attraction have been understood by you (it is no longer secret) and you have learnt how to effectively apply these to your everyday life, your entire future is yours to create.

Does The Law Of Attraction Work And How Can It Be Used To Your Advantage?

Before you begin to embark on the incredible journey towards true enlightenment in the Law of Attraction, it is important that you understand that you can apply it you your life and it can be effective if the correct tools are used. The practices and beliefs in this law have been igniting the lives of great individuals throughout the course of history.
Hundreds of years ago the Law of Attraction was first thought to have been taught to man through the immortal Buddha, who wanted it to be known that ‘what you have become is what you have thought’ – a belief that is deeply intrinsic with the Law of Attraction. With the spread of this concept to western culture also came the term ‘Karma’, a belief that is popular throughout numerous societies.
Over the centuries it has been a common understanding amongst many that what you give out to the world (be it anger or happiness, hate or love) is ultimately what can return to your own life in the end.
This simple and easy-to-follow concept which has been so popular amongst many for a large number of years demonstrates that the idea of the power of attraction is not new whatsoever and is already recognisable to many of us in a variety of ways.
Throughout history, a great many women and men who have left their mark on this world have shown the Law of Attraction to be one of the greatest powers on earth; with many well-loved poets, artists, scientists and great thinkers such as Shakespeare, Blake, Emerson, Newton and Beethoven all conveying this message through their many works.
The main principles of the Law of Attraction can also be discovered in the teachings of many civilizations and religious groups. An example – in the proverbs 23:7, it reads ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’. Proof of praise for the Laws of Attraction can be uncovered throughout the ages; all recorded and taught in different ways, but still there for all of humanity to find.

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

Once we have come to understand the astounding possibilities that life has to offer us, we can also come to realize that we are like artists – creating pictures of our intended life and then making choices and taking actions that will realize what we envisaged.
So what if you don’t like the picture?
Change it!
Life is a blank canvas of possibility; you are in control of what the finished picture could look like.
The Law of Attraction really is that simple – no catches. All laws of nature are completely perfect and the Law of Attraction is no exception. No matter what you are looking to have or achieve or be in life, if you can hold onto an idea and see it for yourself in the mind’s eye, you can make it yours to have – with some effort on your part.

Free Yourself From Negativity And Revel In The Universal Law of Attraction

The most challenging part of acknowledging and accepting the truth that the Law of Attraction has to offer, is coming to the realization that every single one of your experiences in life, good and bad, have been shaped by you alone. For many, this can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you feel that you or your loved ones have been dealt some particularly hard blows in life. However, once you have truly come to understand the true key behind of the Law of Attraction you can be renewed with hope and courage in the overwhelming knowledge that you are free to take charge of your life and free yourself forever from the cycle of fear, worry or negativity which has held you back for too long.

Allow The Quantum Physics Law Of Attraction To Bring You One Step Closer To Your Dreams

The work of quantum physicists during recent years has helped to shine greater light on the incredible impact that the power of the mind has on our lives and the universe in general. The more that this idea is explored by scientists and great thinkers alike, the greater an understanding we have on just how significant a role the mind plays in shaping our lives and the world around us.
It doesn’t matter if you do not ever come to have a thorough understanding of the quantum physics behind the Law of Attraction, many never will, but this does not mean that we all cannot enjoy the many benefits that this generous and law can offer us.
As physicists come to supply us with more and more information regarding the law, the more we can simply rejoice in the truly liberating and empowering realization that we are the creators and controllers of our life and the energy we are all made of.
Be happy, for the universe is always on our side! The more time you dedicate to learning how to use the Law of Attraction effectively, the more fulfilling and rewarding your life can be. There are no restrictions; open your mind and enjoy the natural abundance of the Universe.

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The exercise that predicts your DEATH: Struggling with 'sitting-rising test' means you're 5 times more likely to die early

The exercise that predicts your DEATH: 

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  • Physicians in Brazil developed the test to measure flexibility quickly

  • No equipment is needed to sit and stand without any support

  • People can score a maximum of 10 points, with 1 point deducted for putting a hand or leg for stability, 

  • and half a point docked for wobbling 

  • Patients who scored fewer than eight points, were twice as likely to die within the next six years, 

  • compared with people with more perfect scores

  • Study claims that musculoskeletal fitness, as assessed by the simple test, can be used to predict death in 51–80-year-olds

  • The simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again without holding onto anything, could suggest how long you have to live.

    This is the belief of a group of physicians, who came up with the ‘sitting-rising test’ to measure their patients’ flexibility and strength.

    They developed a scoring system for the test and found that people who scored three points or less out of 10, were more than five times as likely to die within six years, as those who scored more than eight points. 

    Scroll down for video 

    The simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again without holding onto anything, could suggest how long you have to live. This diagram shows how to take the 'sitting rising test'

    Claudio Gil Araujo, of Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was among the doctors who originally developed the sitting rising test (SRT) to quickly assess the flexibility of athletes, but he now uses it to persuade his patients that they need to stay active to maintain their muscle and balance, and live longer, Discover Magazine reported.  

    As we age, our muscles tend to become weaker and a loss of balance means we are increasingly likely to fall.

    Current ways to test frailty can be time-consuming, impractical and inaccurate for small doctors’ surgeries, but experts are keen to keep older people moving.

    Dr Araujo says that anyone can take the SRT because no equipment is needed. 

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    Wednesday, 23 March 2016

    The Simple but Powerful Act of Smiling

    Simple but Powerful Act of Smiling

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    A smile is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and nature’s best antidote for trouble.

    Dr. C. Ward Crampton was a physician, a civil leader and an active advocate for physical fitness, advising on longevity and practicing what he preached: “Don’t allow yourself to stagnate. Keep active. Keep interested.”
    That was way back in the first half of the 20th century. Back then, he used to prescribe what he called his "miracle exercise.” It does not require special clothing or equipment. You don't have to get down on the floor or go through sets of movements that will leave you breathless. You can stand up or sit down. It works well if you do it in front of a mirror, or better still, with someone.
    Here it is, Dr. Crampton’s miracle exercise:
    • Raise the corners of your mouth an inch, take a deep breath, and hold it for 10 seconds.
    • You are smiling. If you have people watching you, they'll probably start smiling, too.
    • Now release your breath in short exhalations. You're now laughing. Unless those other people are curmudgeons, they'll undoubtedly start laughing, too.
    The effect? A general feeling of well-being. It triggers happy emotions within you and makes the people with you feel better, too.
    Never underestimate the value of a smile; smiling is the universal language, and it should be standard equipment for all people. You shouldn't leave for the day without a smile—and be sure to take it home with you.
    Dale Carnegie, the master of making friends, wrote a poem, “The Value of a Smile.” Carry this with you as a reminder of the simple but powerful act of smiling. 
    "It costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None are so rich they can get along without it and none so poor but are richer for its benefits.
    It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in a business, and is the countersign of friends. It is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and nature’s best antidote for trouble.
    Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anyone 'til it is given away. And if in the hurly-burly bustle of today's business world, some of the people you meet should be too tired to give you a smile, may we ask you to leave one of yours?
    For nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give."
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    3 Essential Stories You Need on Your Website to Attract Customers

    Essential Stories You Need on Your Website to Attract Customers

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    Want to have more customers, opt-ins on your website and clicks on your “Buy Now” button? Do what Hollywood does -- use stories to sell your products and services.
    This makes sense: At some point, you've probably gone to a meeting featuring a PowerPoint presentation with charts and graphs . . . and wanted to poke your eyes out with a pencil. The reason: Stories, not data, are what inspire people. Stories, not bullet points, create customer loyalty, build social media platforms and increase sales. Stories create an emotional bond between your business and your customers.
    And today's technology helps us tell those stories in the many different ways it's given us to offer our message to millions of potential customers -- instantly.
    Yet, many businesses are losing customers because their methods of reaching them are outdated. Want to get people to buy your product? Then get them to listen. Here are three essential stories you need on your website to do just that:

    1: Your customer’s story

    In my book, The Message Of You, I call this your “credibility story.” It goes like this:
    • Customer X came to you with a huge mess (describe it).
    • Customer X took advantage of your products or services.
    • Now, Customer X's life is so much better! He or she can now walk, breathe, save money, and perform like Lady Gaga. (Okay, maybe not exactly like her).
    Better yet: Record your customers telling this story. One way I make a living is by coaching speakers. And, after I’m done and my client is (presumably) a happy camper, I use a Skype video recorder to record my client’s "mess-to-success story." These tales are gold! You can view four of them here

    2. Your company’s story 

    Every company also has a "mess-to-success" story. Take Microsoft, for example: “We started with our office in a garage, and now we sell ‘office.’” Isn’t there someone else who started in a garage? Oh yeah, Apple.
    Airbnb, meanwhile never tires of telling its story of how its founders went from sleeping on air mattresses at friends' apartments to creating a billion-dollar company providing sleeping accommodations for travellers worldwide.
    Your company didn’t launch and become an immediate success, right? And, while you may not have started in a garage, you still have a story. Why, the history of how your company achieved its goals is the greatest story ever told . . . or something close to that. So, identify your company's story, add it to your bio (your “About Us” page) and share it with your customers. 

    3: Your personal 'heart' story

    Being a CEO isn’t what identifies you as BFD. What will is your personal mess-to-success story. If you examine your history, you will probably find that the reason you created your company is because you were in some kind of mess. But then you turned that into a MESS-age.
    And if you think being a big-shot corporate executive means you shouldn’t get personal, check out Bill Marriott’s blog. Yes, I’m referring to Mr. Marriott of the Marriott hotel chain. Rather than boast about his well-stocked minibars, he tells a deeply personal story about surviving a heart attack as well as the tragic death of his son. He is sharing life lessons that inspire and create brand loyalty in a way that tweeting about your towels won't do.
    If you are interested in my own "heart" story, you can see it here, where I recount how I changed my life around, from contemplating suicide to appearing on Oprah
    See? Business is personal. It's about stories. It's about authentic stories. So, go out there and tell yours.
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